Who needs confetti to celebrate 2013 when you can have galaxies instead?
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What I’ve Accomplished in 2013

Happy 2013! I’m so excited about what I’ve accomplished this year! No, that’s not a typo. As you may have noticed (though possibly not), I was away for a long time in 2012. It was a tumultuous year, and not one of my best, though the last quarter was much, much better than the rest. [...]

January 2, 2013 0
Pens from Heaven. Because pennies are so last year.
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It’s Raining Pens and Other Bad Music-Related Puns

Actually, there are no further puns in this post. Not intentional ones, anyway. I was just trying to be clever. But I did have something cool happen to me last night that I’ve decided to take as a sign. It all started… Wait – there’s a bit of history here. None of this will make [...]

September 27, 2012 0
There's a reason for the chicken picture. You just have to read the whole entry to find out what it is.
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I Found My Voice Today

So. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve been having trouble updating this blog. You can tell by looking at the dates on all of the entries – they come sporadically, with neither rhyme nor reason, with no set schedule. It frustrated me to no end, especially since it came across as unprofessional. I’m [...]

September 26, 2012 0
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Hitting the Mental Reset Button

At some point during the Great Recession, my default operating mode became one of anxiety and cynicism. While I initially thought of this as a defense mechanism, it’s probably more likely that I just tend towards pessimism in tough times. However, I realized about a month ago that I was tired of being so worried [...]

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Spread the Word(s) With Bookcrossing

I have a confession to make – as much as I love my Kindle, I still have a great love for books. While e-readers offer convenience and the ability to store a vast library one one device, there’s something about the way a book feels that makes it special. I think it’s a combination of [...]

April 28, 2012 0
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A Brief Explanation

Some of you may have noticed that there has been quite a lull on this site. I apologize – I didn’t mean for it to happen, but there are some good reasons why. I’ll start with the car accident. It happened at the beginning of the month – Good Friday, in fact – and it [...]

April 26, 2012 2
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New Obsession: Reflexology

I really need a massage. Of course, I’ve never had a professional one before. They’re pretty expensive, and I have this weird thing about people seeing me less than fully clothed. (For those that would point out that I wouldn’t be revealing more skin than I would in a bathing suit, I’m nervous about that, [...]

April 6, 2012 1
Karesansui Late Rock Garden - Morikami
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“Me Time” on the Cheap

When was the last time you took time for yourself? I know you’ve heard that plenty of times. I have too. It’s easy to get desensitized to it, especially when you see it on the cover of supermarket magazines, in the self-help section of the bookstore, on daytime TV, in commercials, scenes in movies…the list [...]

April 1, 2012 0
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Food Tuesday – The Silver Screen Edition

Yes, it’s that time again! I got really lucky this week and stumbled upon a pretty obvious theme that ties together some of my favorite things – charity, movies, snacks and hilarious Internet reviewers. Shall we begin? As you may have heard, Lionsgate (the studio that produced The Hunger Games) recently got in a bit [...]

March 28, 2012 2
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Food Tuesday – The Decadent Diet Edition

Welcome to another edition of Food Tuesday! Yes, I know it’s late again – it took me longer than I was expecting to get home, but it was for a good reason, so I’m sure you won’t mind. I have a pretty diverse line-up for your mid-week viewing, so read, share, enjoy and comment. Here [...]

March 21, 2012 2
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