Food Tuesday* – Working Through the Weekend Edition

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Hello, my loyal readers! Welcome to another edition of Food Tuesday here at A Boundless Life. I didn’t mean to go this long without posting, but I’m afraid that The Day Job got the better of me this week. (It was for a good cause on behalf a co-worker, but I need to remember that working six days in a row at a call center can strain your sanity.) Now I’m done with the stretch and ready to get back to what really matters – writing for an online music magazine and tending to this slightly snarky site of mine. With that, let’s go!

I’ve gradually stopped drinking soda over the years, though I admit that I still crave the occasional Coca Cola. Thanks to a new California law, I can now do so while ingesting fewer carcinogens. The law, which would have required drinks containing a certain level of carcinogens to display a cancer warning, prompted the soft drink manufacturer to change the chemicals that make up its caramel coloring. Though I don’t live in the Golden State, the change will roll out nationally to streamline the manufacturing process. Pepsi fans, don’t fret – they’re going to be doing the same as their rival. “Coke and Pepsi Change Recipe to Avoid Cancer Warning” – The Guardian

Remember when you were a child, and you promised yourself that you’d have cake for breakfast when you were an adult? Maybe that was just me. Anyway, it looks like it might not be as bad for you as you’d think. In fact, this study out of Israel shows that it might help you lose weight! Looks like it’s time to stock up on brownie mix… “You Can Have Cake For Breakfast” – Environmental News Network

Since when has the lowly guest check been a work of art? Since waiter and artist Super Ugly got together with his friends and started doodling and designing all over them. There should be more like them. Take up the challenge, artists! “‘Super Ugly’ Starts A Guest Check Art Craze” – Huffington Post

Why do tomatoes go so well with avocado? Why do blueberries mix so well with grapes? It seems that there may be more to food combinations than just the blend of tastes on your tongue. It seems that evolution and compatible nutrients may play a part in why we like oatmeal and OJ for breakfast, among other things. “The Most Powerful Food Combinations” – Men’s Health

Hey, guys! Do you like thick hamburgers? Fries drenched with cheese? Ice cream? Is a day without grease a day you’ve never seen? I sure hope you’re not planning on having kids. “Sperm Quality Linked to Dietary Fat” – MedPage Today


*And yes, I know that this was technically posted on Wednesday. Blame George R.R. Martin and HBO.

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